Inherit permissions

Enonic version: 7.02

Let’s say we have this structure:

  * Norway
         * Hordaland (parent)
                Content (child)
          * Buskerud (parent)
                 Content (child)

and so on…

When I set permissions on Hordaland, the content will also be changed because the “Inherit permissions” is checked (by default).

I can of course uncheck “Inherit permissions” on content, but is it a easy way to do this? There’s a LOT of content, and doing this manually is out of question.

So, how can I set permissions on Hordaland (parent) without affecting the content (child) without unchecking every single “Inherit permissions” box?

Something I have missed?

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There is no UI functionality to remove permission inheritance for a group of contents.
I would create a piece of code using the contentLib.setPermissions() on the sub contents you want to update.