Inputs under field-sets are gone on Content Studio 3.2.0

Enonic version: 7.6.0
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

We currently have XP 7.2.0 running with Content Studio 2.3.2. When trying to upgrade to XP 7.6.0 and also upgrade Content Studio to its latest version, which was 3.2.0 by the time, we noticed that input fields under many of the field-sets were just gone from the modal dialog when editing settings from our app (the ones defined on site.xml).

At first I thought this could be something related with XP 7.6.0. However, I’ve redone the upgrade of XP without upgrading Content Studio, i.e., I kept Content Studio running on 2.3.2 while running XP on 7.6.0. Everything works fine when editing the app settings, confirming that the problem is most likely related to the version of Content Studio itself.

I noticed that in the latest versions of Content Studio we now have this vertical line placed to the left of field-sets, which goes all the way until the last item of each field-set. This seems to work good for like the first 4 field-sets we have, and then all of the other ones below (around 20) will only display the label of the field-sets, and not the input fields we have for each one.

I just checked that version 3.2.2 of Content Studio was released a few days ago. Tests have been performed with it but, unfortunately, this is still a problem. Input fields are gone and only the labels are displayed for the field-sets.

Has anybody experienced this problem before?


Hello! Could you please provide your site.xml so we could test it?