Inputtype password?

Enonic version: XP 6.x
OS: Ubuntu


Is there a inputType Password I can use in configuration of sites ?

Why ?
I’m creating some 3. part backend integrations and to authenticate those integrations I want to put config in the Site config.

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Hmm… Can put these properties on file instead - or are they different for each site?

Yes, they will/can be different for each site.
With a possibility for password field we also can hide text from the end user. I see my self using this for OAuth secrets, passwords…

I was looking at the html input type password, and apparently javascript can be used to access the value… Any idea what differs this property from a regular text input that simply replaces the characters?

I’ll refactor my need a bit.
So what I want is a field that not shows the plain text but something like *************** and if you click “show text” you see the plain text.

I don’ wan’t users that looks over my shoulder to see the plain text of the field :smile: