"insert/edit image"-button

We have been seeing some irregularities regarding the behavior of this button lately.

I can not pinpoint it to any version/environment exactly, and hence, this post.


When selecting and image already inserted to the HTML Area and clicking the “Insert/edit image”-button we sometimes see the expected modal-dialog with the image pre-selected and the possibility to align, write caption, alternative text etc.


But now we are experiencing that we only get the “empty” modal-dialog with the image content selector.


We get the “correct” modal-dialog (#1) on the following:
6.10.3 DEV

But we also get the “wrong” modal-dialog (#2) on:
6.10.3 DEV
6.10.3 HTTP PROD
6.12.1 DEV
6.12.3 DEV

Someone got any clues?

There has been a bug here since 6.11. It is fixed in the upcomging 6.13

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This is a known bug that has already been fixed. The fix will be released in upcoming version (6.13) of XP.

Since 6.11? We have it on several 6.10.3-installations.

But as I mentioned we also have 6.10.3-installations where the bug is not present.

Any workaround until 6.13 is released?