Install apps don't show up in Content Studio

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OS: YourOS

Hi Have installed apps With gradlew build and deploy command. After setting the XP_HOME path ofc.
All of the installed apps show up in Application view under localhost:8080, but only the bootstrap3 starter kit shows up in Content studio. How can I get the rest of the build’s to run in Content Studio as well?
Thx :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re mixing up applications with content created by applications. Only if application generates some content during its initialisation (like Bootstrap Starter, Superhero etc.) then you will see this content in the Content Studio after the application is deployed.

I don’t think thats the case here. have a lagre packet With many pages, that I build and deployed, but It’s not showing up in content studio.

How does your app create content, in the initialisation phase? Are there any errors in XP log after the app is deployed?

Here’s how Bootstrap Starter does it, do you do something similar in your app?

@hmj Did you find out what the problem was? Can we close this issue?

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