Internet explorer support in admin

Enonic version: 6.7.0
OS: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 11 :frowning:

The client I work for would like to use their “official” browser, Internet Explorer 11, when working in Enonic XP admin. Enonic XP doesn’t seem to like this browser very much. It works to log in, but in content studio it freezes and crashes frequently. Do you have an official list of supported browsers? Is it supposed to work in Internet Explorer 11?

I’m testing with document mode Edge.

Hi Eivind

We do support IE11 and Edge. Can you be a bit more specific as to what actions/areas/functions are not working or crashing for you so that we know where to look?

Well, first of all, opening content studio only works once in a while. When clicking on content studio I get this error in the dev console:

I also see this message in the content studio browser tab:

If I get into content studio and click “edit” on a content, it will take approximately one minute to load the page. Here’s a screenshot of the network log in IE11 when clicking on “edit”:

The longest get-request took 65 seconds.

These screenshots are taken on my computer when running admin locally and in IE11. We experience the same issues across different users on different machines on the test server. I have none of these problems when using Chrome.

We’re still having the same problems running Enonic XP admin in IE11.

Hi Eivind,

We have started working on this case. Will keep you updated on the progress.

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We have just decided to release a 6.7.3 version of Enonic XP, and the fix for this will be included there.

We hope to have 6.7.3 ready this week. If nothing very critical happens, it should at least be ready by Monday.

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Looks like a Monday release is most likely. The RC1 have just been built, so we need Friday for testing. And of course, if bugs are found, the released will be postponed until we have a fix. In the meantime, for test and development environments, it is possible to use the RC1. It is available here:

As announced, 6.7.3 was released yesterday:

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