Issue with enonic dump load Command - Connection Refused

Enonic version: 7.14.0
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS
I am experiencing an issue when executing the enonic dump load command with the following parameters:
enonic dump load -a USER:PASS -d TRANSFER -f
The command returns the following error:

Loading dump [=========================================================] 415%
Unable to connect to remote service: Get "http://xxx": dial tcp [::1]:4848: connect: connection refused.

The process finishes with a message stating that the dump was uploaded at 415%, and “the remote server closed connection.”

Despite this error message the copy itself has completed. what we should do to get success message at the end?

Steps I have taken to troubleshoot this issue:

Verified the network connection and server status.
Ensured that the user credentials (USER:PASS) are correct.
Checked the server’s accessibility at the specified address and port.
Despite these steps, the error persists. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? Any guidance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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After loading the dump, AFAIK, xp will automatically restart all sevices. Could this be why the client is unhappy?

Did the load succeed?

Yes, the dump was indeed successfully loaded despite the error message. If the restart of services is causing the issue, is there a way to avoid this or get a more accurate completion message? This issue occurs with every dump we load.

Hi again - Yes, the Enonic CLI client simply needs to handle that this happens.