Issues with export/import of content

Enonic version: 6.14.3
OS: Windows

We’ve started to notice some issues when exporting content. We’re using the datatoolbox widget from content studio

Content with trailing space in attachment name failes. Not sure how the space got in there but everything works fine except the export. And changing the name of the content doesn’t update the correct value either

java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Trailing char < > at index 120: \data\export\xxxxx-draft-2018-06-13T10-16-16\xxxxxx_\bin\xxxxx xxxxx

"data": {
"media": {
  "attachment": "xxxxx xxxxx "

Not sure if it’s the export part of toolbox that does this or the datatoolbox app it self? Can this be fixed? or is there a simple way to edit the raw json without making a tool for it?

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Hi Tommy,

This sounds like something we should look into. But, you can edit any node data directly from the Data Toolbox tool using the Data Tree tool, find your node, and display its values and then edit the ones you need.


Looks like a bug in XP. We created an issue and will look into it.


Another issue I’ve noticed on the parent of this image is this message:

Error while parsing task result: Unexpected token x in JSON at position 270

Probably not related to the child image?

The content has the x element and it’s visible in the content viewer widget. If I try another random content it works fine. The child image also has the x element

Nice, didn’t know you could do that :slight_smile: