Issues with general editing - Content Studio

Enonic version: 7.11
Content Studio version: 4.4.2

I’m facing an issue with general editing in Content Studio. When I open the content and try my first change and save the content, the preview doesn’t show the change. When I make the second change and save, the first appears, when I make the third, the second appears, and so on.
This is kind of random, it’s not all the time for me, but it’s all the time for another user.
Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

Here’s an example:

I found that the problem was related to the cache control header, more precisely with the combination of “stale-while-revalidate” and “max-age” values.

It stays here as a learning experience.

You can close the topic. :slight_smile:

Sounded like a cache issue yes, make sure you don’t set such headers in the hmlt for the various inline/edit and preview modes.

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