Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 19

Last Week

Hello everybody,

It’s been almost two years since the last time we posted our weekly updates from Enonic. We’re blowing the dust off of it and launching it as “Last Week at Enonic”, posted each Monday. In these reports - posted here in our forum - anyone working with Enonic XP in any form will find the latest news straight from the dragon’s den.

Expect information on what our awesome developers are working on right now for the next version of Enonic XP, what cool apps we’ve released or updated, and any other Enonic-related info we like to share. Please comment if you have further suggestions, if you like some news in particular. Let’s help and shape how the “Last Week” will look.

Enonic XP Releases


A critical bug in TinyMCE was fixed in 6.10.2 to everyone’s delight. It produced <div> tags for text instead of <p>. Please update any older 6.10-installations as soon as possible.

If you missed it, 6.10.1 contains an important bug fix addressing a memory leak in the http-client lib. So please don’t go around running 6.10.0 if you depend on that library.

Next XP

Next version of Enonic XP will be 6.11, read more about it here in our forums.

Enonic Market

The Market keeps growing, and it’s even hard now to keep track of all the changes, new apps, and updates going on. But fear not, I’ve collected all the info for you, here’s what’s new just the last week:

New apps

  • Office League - Beta version

Create your own foosball league and compete with your co-workers!

We are proud to announce the Beta of our very own PWA (Progress Web Application) - Office League. As with most things by Enonic it is also open source, so download it, probe around, and get inspired.

The app has all the PWA goodies needed to create your own foosball league, like offline support. Get started playing, create a player, add your co-workers, start a game, track stats live, and try to beat Enonic’s mighty “RMY” that has collected almost 3500 goals in over 500 games!

Try the Office League website directly at, or check the source at the project’s Github account.

Updated apps

  • Snapshotter
  • Sitemap XML
  • Data Toolbox
  • SEO Metafields

The SEO Metafield app version 1.3.2 is fresh this morning! It adds some much needed “smartness” in the code so that it doesn’t try to add metadata to anything other then HTML-documents. It also makes default-settings work without you needing to configure the app first. Please update, especially if you use XP to render documents in other formats than HTML.

The Sitemap.xml generator version 1.0.1 fixes two bugs by generating absolute URL’s for the <loc> field and also now outputs the <priority> field (mentioned in the docs but not included in first version). Please update.

Snapshotter version 1.0.5 fixes a bug on Windows running XP. Also here, updating is advised.

The incredibly handy Data Toolbox app version 1.2.0 did some internal refactoring to make it work on 6.10.

Other news


Meetup - web editors

Last week we held a successful meetup for web editors using, or interested in, Enonic XP. Seeds talked about their gigantic Norsk Toppfotball (Norwegian Premier League soccer) project, and Gjensidige showed off their new Intranet built around filtering and meta-data. Very interesting topics. Enonic also talked about PWA (Progressive Web Applications), and what’s new in 6.10, and coming in 6.11.

Coming events

The following meetups are planned so far:

  • For web editors: meetup planned for Q4 this year, stay tuned for details.
  • For developers: September 27th, agenda coming later.

PWA Meetup

We’re co-sponsoring a brand new meetup group dedicated to Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The first one will be held at Google’s headquarters in Norway. It’ll be held on the 7th of June, after working hours, so come and join us for everything PWA - the next generation web apps! Enonic’s own Alan Semenov will give all a fun introduction to what PWA is, excellent if you need to catch up. If you wanna brush up on your PWA-knowledge to be able to ask all the right questions, do read the PWA blog series at Webagility.

Office League visits NDC Oslo

The NDC Oslo event will get a visit by our Office League PWA. We’ll bring a few foosball tables and start a few leagues, and in a competition the winner will walk away with an entire foosball table of their own! Don’t miss this!


Get your XP skills on! We provide professional training for both developers and editors/marketers. These classes are planned so far, sign up!

If you need custom training, just contact us. We can do everything from a few hours crash courses, to more specific training. If you’re in London, we also hold training in our UK offices from time to time. Contact us for more information.

And don’t forget to get yourself certified as an XP developer!

Final words

That concludes the first “Last Week”. Please comment on what sections interested you the most (or least) and we can fine tune these letters together. They are created for your sake.

Best regards,