Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 22

Last Week

Our developers keeps working on the User Admin Tool and moving it over to using GraphQL instead of REST. They also continue working on improved dump function for our Toolbox CLI (dump with version history). And of course the issues functionality mentioned last week. The exciting 6.11 is due out before the summer!

Our quality department have also started a new internal project to write UI-tests for our apps using JavaScript, Mocha and Selenium. Hopefully, the result can be used as an example app for others who want to write UI-tests for their apps.

Our very own Pavel Milkevich wrote up on Angular on the Webagility blog - a very interesting read to get you up to speed on how Angular really works.

Maxim Salnikov started a independent PWA slack channel, read the announcement tweet.

We’ve also started a new meetup group in London for PWA. Its first meetup to be announced.

Enonic Releases

Next version of Enonic XP will be 6.11, read our sneak preview.

Enonic Market

Our Market grows, but actually last week it took a little pause. However, on our forums, @rbrastad have created a useful library for reading files on a server (using Java).

If you find yourself trapped inside on a rainy day, take a look at Enonic’s ever evolving Office League PWA. It’s still in beta, but it works and plays really smooth, and there are a lot of interesting techs in there, like GraphQL, Angular2, and more!


The following events are planned so far, and quickly approaching:

After the summer we look to hold a few of our inhouse meetups:

  • XP for web editors: meetup planned for September this year, stay tuned for details.
  • XP for developers: September 27th, agenda coming later.


We provide professional training for developers, editors, and marketers. These classes are planned so far, sign up!

Need custom training, or on other dates, just contact us!

Don’t forget to get yourself certified as an XP developer!

See you next week!