Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 23

Last Week

Our developers are hard at work and we are now not far from feature freeze and a first beta version of 6.11. Expect something in the coming couple of weeks. And as always, stay tuned in our forums for details! Read our 6.11 sneak preview in case you don’t know what’s coming.

If you haven’t certified yourself as an XP developer yet, we’ve just updated the certification for 6.10.

Arkivverket - The Norwegian National Archives - went live on Enonic XP last week. Check out the Norwegian or the English sites!

Enonic attended (and spoke) at the first Oslo Progressive Web Apps meetup at Google HQ. Did you attend?

If you missed it, and are into Angular (or want to know more about it) read Pavel Milkevich’s Angular myths busted on the Webagility blog.

We’re now over 100 members in the London PWA meetup group. Announcement of the very first meetup will be made in that group.

Last week we also did the XP: Content 101 training course, turning even more web editors and marketeers into XP experts!

Enonic Releases

No new releases last week!

Next version of Enonic XP will be 6.11.

Enonic Market

Our Market grows, but also last week it took a little break. However, our very own PWA Office League is soon to be launched. This week, during the NDC conference in Oslo we’ll launch tag it stable and launch. If you haven’t inspected the source yet, there’s a lot of interesting tech there, like Service Workers, GraphQL, Angular2, and more!


The following events are planned so far, and quickly approaching:

After the summer we look to hold a few of our inhouse meetups:

  • XP for web editors: meetup planned for September this year, stay tuned for details.
  • XP for developers: September 27th, agenda coming later.


We provide professional training for developers, editors, and marketers. These classes are planned so far, sign up!

Need custom training, or on other dates, just contact us!

Don’t forget to get yourself certified as an XP developer!

See you next week!