Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 25

Last Week

We’re in feature freeze now for 6.11. Our top priority now is to get it tested and iron out all the bugs. A first beta version is available from our repository for our technically advanced users that want to take it for a spin.

Our very own Sten Roger attended the Gradle summit last week in San Fransisco and gave a talk about his popular node plugin for Gradle.

Agile Digital Project Managers London meetup has 100+ attendees for tomorrow, and our CEO Morten Eriksen will speak there about PWA and The Return of The Web. If you’re in London, be sure to check in.

The next web editor and marketer breakfast seminar has a date! Reserve the 14th of September in your calendar, our offices in Oslo will be the location. More details will follow.

If you play table soccer (foosball) at your office, you must check out our Progressive Web App Office League.

Next week will be the last “Last Week” for three weeks while we enjoy some vacation. In unrelated news, this post was written using the Atom editor, with the assistance of the write-good linter package.

Enonic Releases

No new releases last week, but 6.11 is closing in fast! Our first beta is out for you to try.

Enonic Market

Enonic Market had one update last week.

Our own utility library lib-util 1.1.2 for XP got the addition of an “isSet” function that can be helpful for you to check if a JavaScript object property exists or not (if it is set to boolean false it still exists). We also upgraded the Gradle wrappers to 3.x (from 2.x). Documentation for getting started was also improved a bit. Thanks for attendees to our XP developer courses for invaluable input.


The following events are planned so far, and quickly approaching:

  • Digital Project Managers - London: we’re co-hosting this meetup in London 27th of June (tomorrow!), PWA: The Return of The Web.

After the summer we look to hold a few of our inhouse meetups:

  • XP for web editors and marketers: a breakfast seminar planned for the 14th of September, stay tuned for details.
  • XP for developers: September 27th, agenda coming later.


We provide professional training for developers, editors, and marketers. These classes are planned so far, sign up!

Need custom training, or on other dates? Contact us!

Don’t forget to certify yourself as an XP developer!

See you next week!