Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 41

Last Week

Prepare to sink your teeth into one very juicy Last Week!

We have many XP-news for you, so I moved that section up a bit. Teaser: we’ve released 6.12!

Last week we were at Google HQ in Oslo for the Oslo PWA meetup, where our Glenn talked about PWA.

Speaking of conferences/meetups, this week we’ll be at three! Our CTO Thomas is in London to talk about PWA at the O´Reilly conference. We’ll also be at the Digital2017 conference, and the Webdagene conference (“web days”) in Oslo later this week. Come by our stand if you’re there!

Enonic Releases

Not only did we do RC2 and RC3 last week, we actually manage to pull of a full release of 6.12 after all test lights turned green (and did so for 48 hours). The new stuff you can benefit from in 6.12 are just too many to mention here, so head to our Release notes in the docs to find out all about it!

We’re super excited about this release and hope you take it for a spin. It now “speaks” seven different languages!

Contact us here in the forums or on our open Slack channels if you have any questions.

Further reading

Here’s some interesting articles that surfaced last week, related to Web Development in general.

Liquid Distortion Effects - Remember back in the days when we used Java applets to create water ripple effects for all the images on our websites? Well, this was 1997-isch so maybe some of you luckily missed this era. Anyways, here’s how to create that same effect, but better, with JS and CSS.

Chrome flag page redesign - Google have hidden a lot of beta features under the “flag page” in the Chrome browser. It has always looked the same, since the beginning of Chrome. But now they’re pushing for changes even here. Better UX to the people walking on the bleeding edge.

Microsoft declares Windows Phone dead - Microsoft is now officially declaring Windows Phone as dead. They will keep supporting it with critical fixes only. Primary reason is the big lack of users and vendors supporting it.

Github introducing dependencies feature - For node and Ruby projects first, but later for other projects, a dependencies feature is launched. It will highlight a projects libraries, if they are outdated, contain security issues, etc.

Disqus accounts breached - The popular commenting service Disqus had a major breach, leaking millions of user accounts.

Why new Firefox is so fast - a very nice and extremely thorough article on why the new Firefox WebRender engine is so fast. This is a very long article that goes into depth, so getting through it will take some time, but it is full of cool drawings.

Github stats of 2017 - The Octoverse shows interesting numbers and statistics about Github and their projects in 2017. Github is one of the most important websites/services for open source developers, like Enonic.

Send me a private message if you happen to stumble over something interesting this week.

Enonic Market

Enonic Market took a breather for a week, to see many releases last week instead. Here’s the list:

Router lib 1.0.0 - first release of the router library, that gives you full URL control in your apps.

Util lib 1.1.3 - adds dependencies to lib-contant and lib-portal directly to the library so that it can be used in apps that do not use those libraries from before.

ContentHive 1.4.0 - an important update that contains some bug fixes but also makes sure that the app works in 6.12 of Enonic XP. Upgrade recommended.


The following events are planned so far, and quickly approaching:

  • The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference: 16-18 October in London. Enonic is sponsoring, and speaking!
  • Digital2017: 19th October in Oslo. Enonic is sponsoring.
  • Webdagene 2017: 19-20 October in Oslo. Enonic is sponsoring.


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See you next week!