Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 44

Last Week (in Norwegian) launched. It’s a new website targeting professionals in legal affairs, and it’s running the open source version of XP. Rett24 is actually developed by an employee at Enonic during his spare time.

We’re still looking for our next three co-workers in Oslo. Are you the one? Or do you know the one? Let us know!

Our ad for Full stack JavaScript Developer is reposted on another URL, please share. This person will work in our services department, assisting our partners and customers with Enonic XP and have one day of Labs each week.

We also need two persons in our marketing/sales department. A Demand Generation Manager and a Partner Manager.

All three jobs require applicants to be fluent in Norwegian.

Enonic Releases

We released the awaited 6.12.2 last week. It irons out some last issues we’ve found in 6.12. Please upgrade any running 6.12 servers.

Contact us here in the forums or on our open Slack channels if you have any questions.

Further reading

Here’s some interesting articles that surfaced last week, related to Web Development in general.

D3.js animation migrated to WebAssembly - Interesting article about migrating a D3.js animation to WebAssembly.

Send me a private message if you happen to stumble over something interesting this week.

Enonic Market

Enonic Market had these updates last week:

We welcome our latest contributor, Alex, that normally works at Enonic, but on his spare time also does some XP. This lead him to develop the much appreciated Log Browser app that enables you to view server logs from XP admin interface.

PWA starter 1.0.0 - With all the fuss about Progressive Web Apps, and the amazing progress made in that field, we’re extremely happy to announce our PWA starter. It let’s you kickstart your own Progressive Web App project. It provides the essential building blocks, and lets you use your favourite front-end framework, or roll your own.

Router Lib 1.0.1 - This library let’s you route traffic on your website, but problems with trailing slashes in URLs lead to this fix-release.

Next week I’ll hopefully be able to write about the new XPdoctor, and other market updates! We have many community contributions being evaluated right now.


The following events are planned so far, and quickly approaching:

6.12 on the 6th of December - We bring developers and editors into our offices to present all the new things in XP 6.12. We will also get you warmed up for Christmas with some Glögg, and some teases for the future.

Stay tuned for:

  • The next Editor meetup (breakfast seminar) - in January, to be announced.
  • The next Developer meetup - to be announced.


We provide professional training for developers, editors, and marketers. These training events are planned so far, sign up!

Training for the first part of 2018 is just in:

Need custom training, or training on other dates, or other locations? Contact us!

Don’t forget to certify yourself as an XP developer!

See you next week!