Last week at Enonic - 2018, week 7

Last Week

Last week Enonic Developer meetup was held. We had a workshop where everyone got to build a fully fledged PWA with Enonic XP using the workbox starter. Alan did a great job with the workshop, such a great job that afterwards we decided to flesh the material out a bit more and turn it into a brand new course as part of our Enonic Academy. Interested in more PWA, sign up for the first course in April!

Don’t miss the next breakfast seminar on 1st of March. Posten and Qbrick will present, as well as Enonic. Hopefully 6.14 is out by then.

If you’re into apps and our Market, don’t miss the brand new Klarna checkout-app from Seeds consulting. It contains everything you need to make a small webshop on your Enonic XP website.

Keep connected here in our forums and through our open Slack channels.

Enonic Releases

No new releases last week. We’re still hard at work on 6.14, we are aiming for a release by the end of February / early March. This means we’ll enter feature freeze pretty soon. Keep yourself updated here in our forums.

Enonic Market

Enonic Market had these updates last week:

Klarna Checkout 1.0.0 - The insanely popular Klarna service for handling e-commerce, is now available on our Market. Seeds did the development of this app that will add a fully functional webshop - including checkout with Klarna - to your site.

PWA Starter 1.4.0 - Updates to dependencies and changed to cache-first strategy.

Further reading

Here’s some interesting articles that surfaced last week, related to Web Development in general.

Understand arrow functions in Javascript - I nice intro to the almost “new” feature arrow functions ( => ) in JavaScript, full of examples.

Send me a private message if you happen to stumble over something interesting this week.


The following events are planned so far:

Sharing digital experience - 1st of March - The first editor/marketing focus meetup (breakfast seminar) of 2018. We’ll share digital experiences from the world of Enonic XP. Posten will show off their websites, and Qbrick will talk about online video. Also some XP news and treats! Meeting held in Norwegian.


We provide professional training for developers, editors, and marketers. These training events are coming up, but more are available! Need custom training, or training on other dates, or other locations? Contact us!

Don’t forget to certify yourself as an XP developer!

See you next week!