Lib-http-client version 3.1.0 has been released

We have released a new version of lib-http-client which supports configurable idle timeout for TTL. Tuneup of this config property allows mitigation of “Connection reset by peer” errors when idle TCP connections get dropped by the network.

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Hi @ase,

I’ve been seeing a lot of "Connection reset by peer" exceptions lately.

Is there changes that I need to apply in my code now to mitigate those exceptions, or are all the fixes under the hood?

– Tom Arild

Start with upgrading to the new version without any changes. If the errors won’t go away, you may have to adjust the default setting for idle timeout.

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It looks like just upgrading to 3.1.0 stopped of 99% of all the errors my application emitted! So that was awesome! :slight_smile:

In addition to fixing the good old “Connection reset by peer”, it also sorted out it’s cousin: “ HTTP/1.1 header parser received no bytes”.

Thanks guys!
– Tom

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@ase I’m still getting a few errors of these types. You were saying:

Does this have to do with the connectionTimeout or readTimeout or is it something else?

– Tom Arild

“A few” may be normal. If server suddenly drops connection - HttpClient throws “Connection reset be peer” exception. It is not possible to predict/prevent all connection drops