Line break on textArea field in macro


I have a macro with a TextArea input and we would like to add line breaks on that field. It is working fine when you do that the first time: I mean, we add the line break into the text and the line break is shown on the HTML field. However, if you edit the macro again, Enonic opens a popup with the TextArea field and the line is being removed. After that, you need to remove the macro and create a new one to have the line break in a TextArea field.

I have tested that in Enonic 7.7.3, 7.7.2, and 7.6.1 and I got the same error.

Thank you!


We are still waiting for feedback regarding this issue.
Can anyone take a look at this?

Hello! Thank you for your patience and for reporting this! We’ve created an issue for it, will be fixed in the next bugfix release

This is now fixed in Content Studio v4.0.1 (requires XP 7.8.0 or higher)

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