Logging error message for why a part, widget, etc. doesn't register


One of the (few) things that make developing a new app cumbersome is that if a part, content type or (as in my case now) a widget fails to register because of some error, the reason or error is not logged, making debugging almost impossible.

Basically, if there is a JavaScript error or Thymeleaf can’t render properly, I get an error message and a stacktrace, but if e.g. something is missing from the config so the widget does not register, I have to debug at random.

My suggestion is that having the folder “my-widget” in the widget-folder should be enough for XP to expect the widget to be there (and working), and any failed requirements that prevents it from being registered should be logged.

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+1 on that. At least some kind of message/info - “Widget X detected, not installed: missing controller, view, config”

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Hmm… might be me, but I’m pretty sure we have support for handling severall common mistakes related to parts etc in the compile step? Not sure if widgets are handled though?

We have added a task in our backlog to improve the developer experience. Closing this issue.