Looking to replace Google Analytics with something GDPR compliant? Try Fathom Analytics!

Google Analytics is Illegal

Several rulings in European Courts in January has concluded that Google Analytics (GA) is not compliant with GDPR since it sends personal data to American servers.

The Norwegian Datatilsynet also says it is illegal in Norway.


We at Item Consulting has been using Fathom Analytics ourselves for a while, and we are recommending our customers to switch from GA to Fathom now.

Fathom doesn’t use cookies, so you can drop the cookie banner on your page too! Which is a nice bonus.

It has a monthly subscription fee starting at $14, but I prefer paying for Analytics with money instead of my visitors personal data.

XP App (now on Enonic Market)

I have submitted an app to Enonic Market for adding Fathom to your page and configuring it. You can alternatively build it yourself from this Github Repo if you prefer that.

And feel free to use my referral link when signing up for a $10 discount!

Other Google Analytics alternatives

There also exists several other alternatives to Google Analytics. If you have any experiences to share, please feel free to comment below. :slight_smile:

– Tom Arild


I have good experience with using Matomo a few years ago when it was known as Piwik. I don’t know how it fares one-to-one against Fathom Analytics that you recommend above, but it was chosen due to recommendations by Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Nice of you to share your app to Enonic Market! I hope to try out Fathom soon.

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@bhj I’m hearing a lot of buzz around Matomo too.