Make content hidden / uneditable in content studio

Enonic version: 6.4.2
OS: Mac and Linux

Is it possible to make content locked/uneditable or even hidden from content studio?
Hopefully via some role based permission?
Perhaps lock an entire folder?

It would be nice to do this for content that is added/updated by a cron job and is never supposed to be edited…

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I haven’t tested this, but wouldn’t it be hidden for everybody who doesn’t have read access?

If you set up a special user that is only used by the cron job, and then gives that exclusive read rights, then I would suppose that it is hidden for other users.


If that works, it would be great if you let me know. I am considering using the same approach for my form builder:

Basically, for the 2.0-version, I am planning on creating a separate admin tool for the form builder, but probably will still store data in the content tree. Hiding the responses, etc. would be preferable, as I would guess the performance hit would be bad.

The same would probably be true for chats messages, etc.

Any user with the “Admin” role will see all content in the draft branch. If the content can only be read by a special CRON job user then only that user (and logged in admins) can see this content on the website. For now, you could create the content in the “master” branch and then it will not be visible in the Content Studio. But this might change in future releases.

A comment on this one, we recommend always writing to draft, an then using content.publish to push to master - otherwise you might get conflicts.

It would be nice to learn about your use case - maybe you should be looking at the node API instead of the content API?

Will there be more documentation on the node API? I haven’t really found anything else than some description of the architecture, but nothing about an actual API.

Alternatively, where in the source code can I find that API?

It really isn’t very accessible for external developer at the moment…


Currently, only available in the Java API…