Make content-version available in content api

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Enonic version: 6.6.2-SNAPSHOT
OS: Mac and Linux

Just wondering if there are any way to get the content version id in js.
It’s shown in Content Studio, so maybe there is a way.

I plan to use it to cache the rendered page, such that if you publish a new version, you remove the previous and cache the new rendered page. Sort of like etag.

This is fetched through a separate call in Content Studio, to get all/active versions of a content. This is not exposed in the content-lib at the moment. Ill add it to Features-request, since it sounds like a valid usage.

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Remember, a rendered page may contain a lot of items that are not related to the page itself - so simply using the version may fail in many such caching scenarios. If there is a minimum of traffic on your site you shold simply cache things, and invalidate based on change events I guess.

Yes, I’ve gone back to stateless for now.

I’d still like the idea of accessing content-version from js though.

This is added to our backlog.