Maximum length of TextLine or TextArea

I use Enonic XP 6.0.0, OSX Yosemite.

Is it possible to configure a maxlength of a TextLine and or a TextArea input field?

Currently not - but definetly something that can be made…
Do you want it? :slight_smile:

Yes, please! :smiley:

I suppose a crucial element to this feature should be that either uses the attribute directly in the form, or at the very least imitates that behavior, in the sense that the input is truncated at that length (even when pasting longs strings into the field), and the user is disallowed from adding extra characters unless previous characters have been removed first.

+1 on this =) A few clients have asked about adding limits to textfields in admin to make some fields less error prone.

We’re working on improving the Textline input with a regexp option now :grin: