Migrate content from another CMS to XP

I am evaluating the feasibility of Enonic XP as a new CMS for my company. This would require migrating all the existing content that we currently have into Enonic XP. However, I see that the export/import functionality does only work within an XP installation. Are there any guidelines to migrate content from another CMS (e.g., Wordpress) to XP?

Hi Art!

As you have seen, the export import format is native to XP. The format is human readable and can be used for importing data from other sources, however it would require that you produce the exported data in a valid XP import format, and is generally not recommended.

The alternative way to import content is to use the content API. The procedure to do what you need would involve the following steps.

  1. Export the data from your existing solution (to whatever format it produces)
  2. Create an XP app that holds the content types you wish to import content into (NB! All media type already exits in XP, just use createMedia function)
  3. Write a controller (i.e. triggered as a service) that reads the export format of your CMS, and writes it to XP through the Content API. NB! If you wish to import other data than editoral content, for instance comments, use the Node API instead.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have more questions.


This is awesome, @tsi. Thanks a lot, we will try the second approach.

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