Missing _childOrder in JSON when running getContent()

When running getContent() the value for sorting is missing in the JSON output. When checking the content in the repo the _childOrder is present. In the output JSON it’s missing.

Examples in repo “_childOrder”: “modifiedtime DESC” or “_childOrder”: “_manualordervalue DESC, _timestamp DESC”

Perfect for running a query with sort: content._childOrder

It should be an easy mapping? It feels like a bug already when this value is missing

You might be right. We’ll investigate why this is not included in returned content items!

Hi @paj

The property is actually missing from the content object in the lib-content JavaScript library, as you said.
We have registered an issue to add it, and it will be include it in the next release: 6.13.0

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Cool. Thanks.

btw: I’m out of the CMS-business now, but Tine will love this