Missing items in Launcher panel


Enonic version: 6.14.1
OS: Linux

Hi !

We are having a problems with Launcher panel. User has access to all roles and sometime in different browsers this user can see only Home and Content studio list. It’s quite hard to reproduce this problem so I can’t provide more information.
P.S.: I was able to reproduce this problem only once in Firefox and after relogin everything works fine. However another user can see this problem more often in different browsers.

Thanks !



Are you using an ID Provider? We’ve found a bug earlier this week around something that sounds like this, we’re working on a 6.14.3 release for that. The list of tools was cached. Users could still not gain access to tools they didn’t have access to, but they could see them.


Hi !

No we are using default Enonic login / user storage. I think that user should have access to modules but he/she can’t see them in launcher panel.


The bug is not linked to ID Providers. It is a bug in the admin launcher.
Your user has actually access to the tools but they are just not displayed in the launcher…

As Bwe said, the bug has already been fixed. It will be released in 6.14.3 (next week).
As a workaround until next week, your user could access directly the tool by typing the URL of the tool
For content studio: /admin/tool/com.enonic.xp.app.contentstudio/main
For users: /admin/tool/com.enonic.xp.app.users/main
For applications: /admin/tool/com.enonic.xp.app.applications/main