Mixin path (like thymeleaf fragment path)


One can put thymeleaf fragments where ever one want because one can specify path when using it.

<replaced data-th-replace="no.posten.website:/site/parts/radio-button/fragment.thymeleaf.html :: radio-button (${radioButton})"/>

I would like to have the same kind of functionality with mixins:

<inline mixin="radioButton" path="no.posten.website:/site/parts/radio-button/mixin.xml"/>

Then everything related to radio button can live in one place…

Sorry about the late response on this one.

First of all, we see that you are references between apps. We highly recommend you to avoid this. This works by coincident and may stop working at any time.

Regarding your requirement for mixins, this is interesting and we added it to the backlog.