More possibilities in config in Content Selector

It’s possible to show the status when we choose content in Content Selector, for example true.

Is it possible to implement for example showModifiedTime and/or showCreatedTime?
We would also like to have some sort of sort-function, so for example the latest, created content is shown first when choosing from the drop-down menu.


Hi Eivind!

First of all, we’ll change showStatus to be true by default (and eventually probably deprecate the config). Basically, status will then always be visibile if there is enough space available.

That said, showing even more info is tricky. Even for the grid (navigation panel) we only show modified time when there is very much space. Also to handle even more options like sorting, it sounds like we would need to open a modal window or similar. Remember, often users edit these fields in the widget panel with very little retail space.

What do you think?

Hi @Eivind,

We have created a task to always show status field in Content Selector if there’s enough screen estate.