Multiple-default-values in ComboBox

To register the properties of 1000 products, each time our user has to select 2 or 4 items from the list of combos, of which 2 items are present in almost all 1000 products. How can there be several choices in the combos by default?

Hi and sorry for delayed response. We will discuss this feature request on our next roadmap meeting and get back to you.

As of now what you’re asking for is not possible. You can work around it by having a multi-select Option-Set with the “most popular” options preselected + a ComboBox with the rest of the options.

Hi. Just a quick question. If you are creating 1000 products, wouldn’t it be faster to import this basic infomation? Assuming you already have something outside of the CMS ofc.

This is added to our backlog. No ETA yet.