Multiple hosts for one site

Enonic version: 6.12.0
OS: Linux

Hi !

Is it possible to have two or more hosts for same site ?

In another words :
HostA points to /content/mysite
HostB points to /content/mysite

Thanks !

You can have as many vhosts as you like pointing into the same site - so yes!

Strange, but it doesn’t work.

My vhost config file:

enabled = true = site.local = / = /portal/master/site = = / = /portal/master/site

And with this config only last record works. In log files I found Virtual host mapping could not be resolved: site.local. Maybe I did something wrong ?

The part .site. in this needs to be unique.

Change the second set into .site-other. or anything else that is unique.


Thank you !

Case can be closed :slight_smile:

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