Need help with Apache vhost config for Enonic Cloud

(note that I have replaced https with htt… or else the forum blocks me saying that a new user cannot provide more than two links in a post :slight_smile: )

We have an internal DNS alias and I now need to create a virtual host that proxypasses requests to the cloud instance htt…:// Pretty straight forward - BUT, problem is as some of you might already be aware of that the adress is just a container for several instances, so what I really need is to get Apache to understand that it should proxypass to htt…://

But whaterver I do I cannot get this to work, it only proxypasses to the root /

Several things have been tried

ProxyPass /test htt..://.../
ProxyPass /test htt..://.../test
ProxyPass / htt..://.../test

and also

RedirectMatch  ^/$ /test/
ProxyPass / htt..://.../

But no luck so far.

Anyone solved a similar issue and can help me out here?

Apache on Windows
Server version: Apache/2.4.38 (Win64)
Server built: Jan 17 2019 19:32:38`

Ok - it turned out to be the simple fact that the site was not made publicy available. So the authenitcation username/password dialoge caused a http 404 being returned.