New app on market: Corporate Theme

Hi XP-fans,

Introducing the Corporate Theme app 1.0.0!

We already have some apps out on Market that generates demo sites that you can play with for learning or demonstration purposes. The Superhero theme is a blog, the Wireframe app is for creating wireframes and mockups, the Onepager app is a basic single page website.

The new Corporate Theme app tries to fill a minor vacant spot here, for more “normal” website, like a company website. It can be used for creating a fully fledged website with multiple components, a customizeable and attractive frontpage, containing sliders and content types for you to create the website your company needs. It also contains a menu with multiple items, dropdowns, a contact form, and all if this is responsive. A great introduction to Enonic XP.

It’s a start, a first 1.0, so please add feature requests (or pull requests) directly on the Github repo.

Find the app here: