New app on market: Form Builder

It’s been a long time in the making, but now the Form Builder app is finally released on the market:

Many thanks to @it_vegard who started the initiative with his Enonic XP Formbuilder project which this app is a fork of. I modified the feature set to something closer to what was available in Enonic CMS and optimized for user-friendliness. Install the app and add to your site, create a page template with the form view part, and you’re good to go!

Some features:

  • Create form content in Content Studio where inputs are configured as option-sets
  • Form responses can be sent by e-mail
  • Generate reports as a CSV file from a widget in Content Studio
  • Three types of data storage policies for GDPR compliance
  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 support

I’ve messed around with the app and it looks good! I

have some comments/questions:

  • It’s probably safer to have the “delete responses”-button default off when exporting the forms? A couple of times now I’ve deleted all responses by mistake
  • Seems attachments are not deleted when the respons is deleted during export?
  • Everyone has read access to respons + attachments. If you for some reason have a matching template anyone can view the form responses and attachments?

Thanks, Tommy!

Yes, the “delete responses” can of course be off by default. My mind was a bit back and forth on what the default should be. GDPR dictates that a processor should erase stored personal data as soon as it is done processing, but as you point out: We don’t want to delete reponses by accident, especially if the exported report was incomplete, malformed, or otherwise erroneous. Hmm… maybe I should set it to be off by default, and put in a setting for default on/off in the app config?

Thanks for identifying the attachments-not-deleted bug! It should be just two lines of code to fix, using the repo lib.

Regarding read access for everyone: Is this only a problem when data is stored in the cms-repo so that it’s visible as children content beneath the form, or is it also a problem if you’ve set the storage policy to be in its own hidden repo, which is the default setting?

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An option to delete responses on export by default would be nice yes

I’ve only tried using the cms-repo where the respones are child content to the parent form and visible in content studio

Form Builder version 1.1.0 is now available on Enonic Market

Changes since 1.0.0:

  • Send e-mail receipt back to the user
  • Allow periods in input names
  • Delete related attachments on export
  • Support HTML editor macros in thank you message
  • Show thank you message also when storage location is set to none