New ContentHive widget app


A Lorem Ipsum app is born.

In short. It fetches your (selected) content-type in Content Studio, and by using the ContentHive widget you can create tailored Lorem Ipsum content and images inside Enonic XP by utilising the APIs and in the background.

It saves me time during development by creating dummy content each time I change an existing or create a new content-type.

The code and some documentation is available at The app is tested on Enonic XP 6.5.1. As I only use it during development there is not much focus on speed, efficiency and testing, but it is developed with the words of the late General Patton in mind:

-“A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later.”

Feel free to create issues at or check out the code and create a pull request.



Available on Enonic Market now: