New feature: Exit without saving

When editing a content you sometimes regret the changes you have made. You may of course remove them again, og roll back versions, but it would be easier if we had an “Exit without saving” option.

Hi Lars.
Most customers are actually requesting the ability for autosave, and real-time collaboration, where changes are continuously saved. We are working to support this, and it basically is the opposite of your request. To some extent, you can use ctrl-z to undo your latest changes I assume?

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your quick reply. Real-time collaboration sounds great, and will be an excellent feature. Do you know aprox. when this will be ready for realase?

With regards to auto-save, how will this work together with the version history? Will a new version be created every time a change is made, everytime an editor exit the content or in another way? Depending on how this will work I still believe an option to abandon/exit without saving would be a nice feature :slight_smile:

Versions will not be created for every keystroke, exactly how often versions are created will be dealt with during implementation.

We understand the request and will consider this when implementing real-time editing :slight_smile:

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