New Html editor – not possible to paste unformatted text

Enonic version: 6.15.5
OS: Windows 10

For text that is formatted it was, in Enonic version 6.13.1, possible to use the option “Paste as text” to paste the formatted text without the formatting. In version 6.15.5 we can’t seem to find any way to do this. We have tried the “RemoveFormat” mentioned here: but this will for example not change links to plain text. (The “Paste as text” removed everything but the text.)

In this version it is neither possible to right click in the Html editor to use the browsers menu for pasting. The result we expected was something like in the following pictures which is how it looks in version 6.13.1 in chrome and firefox.

Are we missing something, or have you removed the possibility to paste formatted text as completely plain text in the html editor?

Pasting text programmatically (via button click) is not supported by all modern browsers due to security reasons. You can use key shortcuts to paste original or paste as text, as described here (scroll down to the Rich Editor section).

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