New Plugins for TinyMCE

Enonic version: 6.2
OS: Windows 10

Hi everyone! I’m new on enonic development and me with my team had some questions about changing the admin interface. On another projects, using eZPublish, we needed to create custom buttons to the text editor, which creates some different blocks of content when clicked. On Enonic, we should have a functionality like new list styles, blocks etc, which we do creating plugins for tinyMCE, but we don’t found a way to add these plugins to the admin editor. Any of you know how this could be possible? I need to download the source code and compile the entire enonic folder or something like? I see that the admin uses a _all.js file to get all javascript bundled on it, but how we can add OUR javascript? Hope you can give me this help :smiley: cya!

Hi there!

The short answer is that it is currently not possible without building your own xp distro (or at least the UI bundne) We are working on making input types fully pluggable (so you can build your own widgets) and use these rather than the system standard.

For the htmleditor specifically, we are working on a macro concept. It would be awesome if you could describe in detail how/what you would like to do so we can make the system as flexible as possible!