New SumoMe app for Enonic XP

Hi eXPerts!

I needed a script for SumoMe embedded on a blog. So why not create an app for that? It uses a filter and pageContributions to insert the script. Only one setting is needed, your SumoMe id. It’s a 1.0.0 release with a beta-warning I might add :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a look on the source for how simple it is to build apps like this. Inspired? Why not create your own and share it with us here in the forum!

(SumoMe is a social marketing app that is highly configurable, you can add share buttons, newsletter signups, and many other cool little “gadgets” to your site in a giffy).

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Nice job Bobby - just love that app stuff :slight_smile:


When are you planning on releasing some kind of app repository for XP?

Perhaps, if it’s a few weeks / months away, you could simply create a github repository linking to the apps available?

Enonic Market is just Weeks away - to publish apps you need to push them to a maven repository first! Bintray is the most popular free repo available right now.