Next.XP 3 has been released!

Next.XP 3 is out ! :tada:

Download yours from Enonic market !

Or head over to to see it in action powering our own website :wink:

Next.XP is a combined toolkit that provides an opinionated framework for building Next.js websites with Enonic as the headless CMS back-end. Next.XP gives developers the best front-end framework, while editors can enjoy a familiar content creation environment using visual page builder, tree structures and much more.

Version 3 includes loads of new features:

  • Use of latest Next.js 14
  • Use of app router
  • Improved multi-language support ( including static texts localization )
  • Clear separation of exports by client/server/both use
  • Granular caching and invalidation
  • 97.95% line code coverage of core libraries
  • Dozens of bugfixes and stability improvements

And we still support all the features from version 2 like:

  • static site generation for multi-language applications
  • seamless integration with Enonic XP page editor and localization layers

Dive deeper into our developer guide to try it out !