Not possible to move pages under a shortcut

Enonic version: 6.12.1

We have some pages in Nynorsk (/nn) and they are organized under /nn in the structure.
The /nn page has no content and we want to redirect this to our frontpage Making a shortcut and will move the content under this.
But we are facing a problem when trying to move the pages under a shortcut – the shortcut is not showing as a option (grey status).
We can create content under a shortcut, but not moving anything under it.

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It might just be that you have discovered a hidden feature… We’ll have to look into this to figure out what’s wrong.


It looks like a bug that you cannot move content under a shortcut.

May I ask what you are trying to do? What kind of content would you put under the shortcut?

We have some pages in Nynorsk, but not enough to make a complete site of it. So we have a switch button on the pages whick customers also can read in Nynorsk. These pages are sometimes linked togehter and we needed a specific url for each page. All these pages are placed under the in the structure. But the /nn is not a page to visit (i.e. this is the frontpage for the whole site: as it is not translated. when creating this the content provider made a page instead of a shortcut and we are now not able to move all the articles when making the as a shortcut.

Any progress on this one?

Hi Kristin

We confirmed and fixed the bug. The fix will be available in the next version (6.13) of XP that we are hoping to release before Christmas.


Hi again

Next week we are going to release minor version 6.12.3 and a fix for this bug will be a part of it. Feel free to upgrade to the new version when it’s out.

This bug was fixed in the 6.12.3 release on December 6th, and of course, then also in the 6.13.0 release.

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