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My name is Dan Gurgui and I have a chess magazine. I publish over 400 problems/year.
I need a program for my problemists to publish their problems. I want a page for each section/type of problem that can be saved as an image. The image will be published in the pages of the magazine that is online. You can see the magazine here:
CP_7_2021.pdf ( see pages
from 128 to 138.
Please help me in my project. Thank you in advance.

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the community! It is a little bit unclear what you are asking for.

Are you looking for answers to technical questions, or are you looking to hire someone to develop this page for you?

Best regards,
– Tom Arild

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I am looking for someone to write my program.
I would be happy if you try to do it.

Hi again Dan,

I’m unfortunately sold out for a long time.

I don’t know if I am understanding you correctly. But if you are looking for someone to create the program pro bono, I fear that you might find it difficult to find someone here. Most people on this forum create web pages as their day job, and will expect to get paid for it.

But, if you plan to hire someone to do the job, maybe you can share your budget and then maybe someone (not me), will take you up on it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:
– Tom Arild

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This forum is definitely not the right place for this, @dangurgui . I suggest you try or similar resources.

Good luck!

Closing this topic.