Opt out of new tabs/windows

I’d really appreciate the ability to choose when something should open in a new window or not. The default browser behaviour is that something should open in a new tab if I hold down ctrl when I click.

Perhaps new window could be the default legacy mode, and then you could opt out of this feature using a setting in a user profile page and choose “standard browser mode” or something.

Also: I found this old bug report.

What are you talking about here? Content Studio?

Yepp, mostly content studio. Admin is not as important for me personally, since I rarely use it and instead open CS directly. But I would prefer a system wide browser standards mode :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. We appreciate it.

Just to elaborate on why the system works as it does:

  1. Our users very frequently work on multiple items at the same time, but not all are skilled the technique of opening new tabs themselves. For mobile devices I am not even sure if one can do this?
  2. The initial version had a tabs inside the tab system (check out the users app). However, we had both performance and stability issues with this. Also deep-linking and initial loading times were unsatisfying.
  3. Our current pattern follows the same patterns as you will see in google drive/docs as well as office 365 and not to mention that this is the default pattern for many native macos/windows apps. Finally, our current approach works very well in mobile device imho - it consumes less real-estate than the alternative. The only annoying part right now is how chrome deals with tab icons, not supporting svg for some reason. Give Content Studio a spin in Firefox and you will see what I mean.

Finally, I like your idea on having a mode switch for opting into a “no tabs mode” like you mention.

I guess a simple “back” icon from edit would solve this partilly, but there are always lots of small details to deal with: What to do when you select 5 items and click “edit” - also we need a settings panel somewhere for you to actually tune this stuff :slight_smile:

As it turns out - we already have a “secret” feature in the launcher panel. If you “long click” on a tool, it will open in the current tab. Maybe we could do something like this if you “long click” edit as well?

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