Option for remote deployment of sites


To support our DevOps processes, we need to be able to create CI/CD pipelines.
Currently I have solved this by creating a link between the VM and the CI/CD provider, which works, but having a built in function for this would make deployment of Enonic sites much easier.

Hi. Not sure if I follow this one? You can define build pipelines in any CI/CD tool right now and deploy to XP in multiple ways? What function are you missing?

Currently, If you do not use Docker, and want ti implement a CI/CD pipeline, you have to set up an Agent on the VM to deploy.

In your documentation there is a reference to a endpoint which let’s you install apps remotly, but from my understanding of this from the Slack community and during the 201 course, it appears as if the management endpoint is only available for docker instances, and not for full fledged VMs?

The API’s availability is simply a matter of configuration. It is running on port 4848, and can technically be exposed in the same way as 8080.