Option-set with dropdown instead of radio buttons


I’m currently working on a part config where using an option-set would be nice, but the amount of options would surpass 20. This would quickly become unmanageable, especially when there are several consecutive option-sets enabled in the config. Radio buttons are very nice user interface for two options, but become cumbersome if the number of options surpasses 5.

I don’t know what would be the best way to implement something like this. Should the interface perhaps resemble a ComboBox with built-in search, which reveals the corresponding option-set fields when selected? Should the option-set have an element inside the config that enables this interface? I’m opening up for discussion.

The current workaround is to have the users enter the data inside related content which is then added to the part using a ContentSelector, much like what was the required approach in Enonic CMS.


So, I believe you are asking if the optionset could have a different “presentation” than the current radio-button view?

Answer is sure, I have been thinking about this too for a while, and think your combobox approach sounds meaningful. We already support single/multiple handling here, so why not?

Any design sketches would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Added to the backlog!