Option to have item set expanded by default

After upgrading to 7.5, our item sets are collapsed by default.

Options sets can be configure to be expanded by default, but item sets cannot. It would be helpful to have the same option for item sets.

In upcoming Content Studio 3.1.1 single occurrences of item-sets and option-sets will be expanded by default, only multiple occurrences of the same set will be auto-collapsed. Is this your case?

Mighty good question.

There’s an “Add another paragraph”-button, so I would guess that these are multiple instances of the same item set?

Yes, they are. The reason we have recently changed the behaviour was that typically you want to expand only the occurrence you want to edit, not all of them at once. Very often content has many occurrences of very complex sets which makes you scroll the page forever, if the sets are expanded.

I guess in some cases you may want to have them auto-expanded. We’ll discuss the options and get back to you.

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With this new layout, it would also be nice to have a label above the item set, similar to plain input types I guess?

I like then new compact design.

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Hi Rolf!

How about having an “expand all” link at the top of the item-sets instead? The idea is that one may actually be able to scroll past a list of itemsets without having a sore finger. Kind of similar to how we handle htmlArea.

Also, we will probably introduce Labels again for item sets, it makes more sense now after the UI update.

Hi again!
We are now about to release Content Studio 3.2 which adds expand all button to the top of itemSet (and optionset). We believe this is the optimal editorial solution - at least for now.
Labels have also bee re-introduced. Hope you will like this