So I followed this guide:

And in addition I downloaded JDBC Thin driver from the Oracle database release from here:

Here’s the jars:

$ ls -l /Applications/oracle/product/instantclient_64/
[email protected] 1 comlock  staff  2091135 Jan 28  2014 ojdbc5.jar
[email protected] 1 comlock  staff  2739616 Jan 28  2014 ojdbc6.jar
[email protected] 1 comlock  staff  3698857 May  5 10:51 ojdbc7.jar

Then I added

classpath fileTree('/Applications/oracle/product/instantclient_64/')

To buildscript dependencies in build.gradle

And then I added this in a service.js

var DriverClass =;

And I end up with this error:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

What am I doing wrong?

Caveat: I’m not a java programmer.

Or should I download something like:

This gives me the same error:


Got idea from:

I added the below to dependencies (not under buildscript) in build.gradle

include ""

And did

$ ./gradlew clean deploy

No more error :slight_smile:

Now I gotta see If can make that db connection.

Yes I was able to connect and do SELECT COUNT(*)…


Glad you figured it out. include scope is actually including the jdbc drinver into the app and should be the right approach. We have plans for creating a lib-sql in the future which will have a good tuturial on how to connect to sql databases.

Hi again.

You could try out lib-sql ( Just released the first version 0.5.0 that you could try out.

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