Overwriting child permissions on a large tree does not provide adequate progress feedback

Enonic version: 6.15.3
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

When I edit the root level node for my site and change the permission and check the box to overwrite child permission, the process of changing all the child permissions is just happening in the background without any feedback to the user. This means that if I change the permissions, and just click Publish to push out the changed permissions I will probably just get a handful of content permission changes included in the publish. If I wait for a few minutes, and click publish again the number of affected content has increased, but it is still not finished changing all the child permissions. I have recorded a quick screen grab that shows how the number of affected content in the publish dialog keeps increasing as time goes by. The first time I clicked publish only 2 content was included (because that was all it had had time to change on the server in the background).

Screencast of the publish dialog slowly populating with more and more changes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/airdwem39pwn7hc/enonic_xp.webm?dl=0

There should probably be some kind of feedback to the user with a progress bar or something when changing permissions on more than 4-5 content nodes.


Thank you for reporting this. We registered this improvement request in our system: https://github.com/enonic/xp/issues/6635. Aiming for 7.0 release.

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This has been implemented. And we are pleased to say that we are also improving speed on applying the permissions recursively. So it will be both faster and better visually!