Overwriting files with existing name

We are having a discussion on how to solve a problem where we want to replace images with names that already exists. It is too many images to manually delete and upload, so I was wondering if it would be possible to create an option where we can choose to overwrite content that already exists? Are there any downsides to this?


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A bit unsure what you are trying to do? Can you give an example?

Yes. So the goal is to upload profile images with names that already exists in Content Studio (they are connected to a person’s user ID, so they must be called the same). It is too much work to go through every existing image and delete them, because not all images are to be replaced. But this does not work today, because content with the same name already exists.

So, you basically want to batch update media via drag’n drop from Content Studio? Currently, if you batch upload media with the same name, it will say “already exists” (orange warning).

I guess this can be done. If the image already exists we could simply update. Or (a bit more work) we could ask if user actually wants to update (and list all the items that already exist)?

Yes, exactly. I suppose the better option is to ask the user if they want to update the item or not, in case they didn’t mean to. But that’s basically what we imagined. Is this something that would be possible to implement?

Any new ideas to this?

Hi Andrea.

We will implement this, have added the issue to our roadmap. No ETA yet, but this is not a huge task at least.

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