Part display-name-script

Content types has content-display-name-script, I would like the same functionality for parts.

When you use the same part many times on a page, for instance form text input fields, the component view lists the same part name many times. If you want to rearrange the order of them it becomes difficult to pick the correct one…

Since I know the input field name is a required field, I would like to use that name in content studio component view too.

As a workaround I think I can manipulate the model on the layout level, only when mode==edit ofcourse.

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I changed the model on layout and page level, neither changed the component view in content studio :frowning:
So no go on my workaround idea.

So, basically you would want to flag one (or more) fields of a part to compose a new component display name to be shown in the component view?

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