Possibility to get info about "deleted" content

Enonic version: 6.6.0
OS: Windows 7 x64

We are trying to make some kind of nighlty migration of content from on server to other. When we are using “toolbox(import\export)” tool it’s ok if you are creating or updating content, but is threre exist any possibility to apply “deletion” of content?

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When you use the toolbox to export, the data is created in a tree structure like you see in the Content Studio. You can delete content removing the folder for it. But take care if you remove only children of a content and not itself, because all the folders have a folder called _ that holds the content data. So, if you want to delete all children, remeber to exclude this folder from the deletion list. After that, you can do a import and only the content you left there will be created.

Yeah, I understand how to do it manually, but I have been searching for a bit more “automated” way, somehow to copy “delete events” from one sever to other…

Hmm, now I understand you. I’ll watch the post to see what enonic guys think :slight_smile: Would be nice if we could put interceptors on actions taken on the admin interface to catch actions made there, like the publish or delete…

What is the actual use case? Why are these changes not done in the prod environment?

Enonic CMS has an import feature that can diff and delete items. Are you looking for something like this?

This changes done in prod, but they are also should be moved to other servers(qa and test, for example). I have used export\import tool, but if I have understood right it export only existing nodes to xml structure and then apply those nodes like create\update on other server(import). How can import tool delete items?

For this purpose you should rather do a dump/restore I think

If I understand right dump\restore will delete all newly developed stuff from “test” server, since it will fully replace all content. Isn’t it?

The codebase on QA server might be different, updated content types, some new content might appear, thats the reason only changes (corrections, updates and deletes) of the content from Prod are needed to be placed over QA (which is kind-of Production candidate)

Yes, all will be wiped and restored!

Shouldn’t such changes be added to QA after restore?